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Keeping records

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Keeping good records is one of the most important pillars in running a profitable business. Mispalacing an overdue bill can cost you heftily in terms of late payment fees, interest and not too mention bad credits. On the other hand, not knowing who owes you or giving credit to customers when you need to borrow is just poor decision making.

Where do you keep your books, sales invoices or bills? In the last drawer or in a carrier bag? If you do not have a system of recording your income and expenses, you are just following a recipe to a fail business.
✓  Access your records anywhere

✓  Be organised

✓ Budget for future expenses

✓  Get paid on time

✓  Plan for future

✓ £££ in the bank is always good

✓  Be organised

✓  Your status in real time

✓ In control

✓  No more carrier bags

✓  Your accountant adores you

✓ Less work and more £££ savings

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